I have always said that my own eczema which I suffered from for 6 years improved with the use of my lotions. Other friends and customers have told me my lotions helped with their psoriasis. Knitters swear that their flaky hands used to snag their yarn frequently until they started using my lotion. Of course, I cannot make any healing or medical claims on my lotions or FDA will shut me down (this is also the reason why I cannot formulate a sunscreen lotion). So my only claim is that my lotions help moisturize the skin, and I don’t even put that on my labels.

I will let the below photo progression as shared on her timeline by a Mooed in Maine lotion user speak for itself.

angie b


And for more feedback, I compiled screenshots in the photo album of our Mooed in Maine Facebook pageĀ here. While there are only a few reviews on our fb page, these screenshots are available for your perusal.

Cracked Skin Miracle Healing Lotion